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A critical decision involves your choice of sanitizers for maintaining your hot tub or spa. We have a wide selection of sanitizers and accessories to help keep your spa operating at peak performance. Whether you are looking for ionizers, ozonators, all natural or conventional sanitizer, or accessories……we have it all at the click of your mouse.

All Natural Sanitizers

Eco One uses an exclusive blend of natural enzymes to eliminate harmful bacteria from your spa without harsh chemicals. Enjoy your spa without red eye, dry skin, itchy skin, or irritated skin.

One of the natural enzymes in Eco One is a food grade coconut extract that – as it breaks down – improves spa filtration by coating your spa’s filter cartridge. Even better, this same exclusive natural extract is an excellent skin softener.

Eco One purifies spa water and eliminates bacteria as effectively as traditional chemical spa treatments, but it’s odor-free.

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Conventional Sanitizers

Bromine is in the same chemical family as chlorine; however, it has less odor and is not as corrosive as chlorine. Bromine tabs are distributed through a floating dispenser that allows the bromine to dissolve in the water over time.

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Ozonators are a great way to support your main sanitizing system and maintain good hot tub water quality and purity. They are not stand-alone sanitizer systems. They work by oxidizing impurities in the water such as soap, lotions, body fluids, etc.

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